Who would have known that what started out in 2001 as two people and a silkscreen in a tiny apartment would grow into one of the world’s premier t-shirt companies?
Since those humble beginnings, founders Jonny and Suki Hughes continue to highlight moments in visual culture on the face of Altru’s uniquely cut and super soft tees. From monochromatic and hyper-colorized New York Times images (including three of the baddest Obama shirts out there!) to vintage Olympic poster-design masterpieces to eighties Thrasher magazine covers to lowbrow godfather R.Crumb’s “Fritz the Cat”, Altru’s lookbook is an eye pleasing library of knit-bound icons.
And just before you assume that Altru’s warehouse is simply a cool archive of retro Eveready Battery and 1984 Olympic tees, please note that their design team (now headed by Charlie Staunton formerly of boutique favorite, Brown Sound) continuously produces inspired graphics such as Spring 2009’s Devils Dishes which is destined to become another hipster staple. Or will it be the Magritte vs fixed-gear bicycle mashup?
Either way, walk through any metropolitan area and eventually you will spot someone wearing Altru. Even television sylists choose to wardrobe their actors and hosts in Altru. Celebrities such as Zac Efron, Spencer Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., Paris Hilton, Gael Garcia Bernal and Brian Austin Green have been photographed wearing Altru Apparel In fact, isn’t that today’s club queen and internet sweetheart Hanna Beth on the current Altru press image?
Wear Altru. FTW.

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